Don’t Try This At Home


In my days as a student at RIT I had the opportunity to study with Andrew Davidhazy in a class that explored alternative processes. Professor Davidhazy is a genius at rigging devices to do something beyond what they were intended to do. In this example he rigged a Polaroid camera for “slit-scan” photography. Basically you block the view of the lens except for a 1mm slit and the exposure is made by moving the film past this slit. He also added a motorized stand that rotated the object you are photographing. The results were quite surprising! In this image on the left we were standing still as the film “scanned” us from top to bottom, as the scan got to our waists we were rotated by the stand we are on, creating one awesome dance move!

Professor Davidhazy made a portrait of me during the class and many years later he made one of my wife at the New York PhotoExpo at which he was demonstrating the device.

Can’t do that in Photoshop!

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  1. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    Scott, this is so cool. You look like a cross between the man in the moon and the Mad magazine character!

  2. Unc

    looks like a 500 lb. man ;o) Pretty cool!
    Dance pic looks like someone broke all your legs bones.

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