A Ghost Story

I was shooting a ghost hunting tour in Alton Illinois for the Illinois Travel Guide a couple of years ago and recently I was going through the old files and saw some things that just didn’t seem right:

I was outside of this old haunted school house where a gruesome murder took place taking some long exposure images of the building. I was alone and never saw anything odd while shooting… Until now!


There is a strange mist and light moving through the image. You can see it better on the cropped version below.


The thing that really gave me goose bumps as I was looking closer at the photos is that there is a shadow standing next to me in one image and not the next. You can see that it is visible in the wide view top image above but is gone in the next frame. Here is a closer view:


I guess I wasn’t as alone as I thought! I wonder who my little buddy was?

Happy Halloween!!!

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