Where's the Beach!

Where's the Beach!

Decided to make the move from the endless summer of South Florida to try something completely different here in Chicagoland. Everyone I meet says “Why the Hell did you leave?”  I think it was to have an excuse to buy really cool new sweaters. Besides I’m not getting any younger and you can’t walk around half naked all your life without starting to hear complaints. Some days walking on the beach I have thought there should be a law about this. Bikinis are a privilege not a right!

Haven’t seen a Palmetto bug (giant cockroaches) scurry across the back deck but there do seem to be a lot of spiders around here. The spiders creep me out even more. I think it’s the way they watch you…waiting…

First snowfall I spent about 45 minutes with a shovel and than jumped in the car to buy a snow blower. Great invention!. Dad never owned one until I went to college, hmmm… same thing with a riding mower.

Real trees, leaves that fall, grass that only needs mowing a few months of the year and when it snows everyone’s yard looks as good as the next. Happy to be back up North.

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