Southern Illinois

Shea's gas Station Route 66 Museum, Springfield Illinois

Shea's gas Station Route 66 Museum, Springfield Illinois

I just got back from one of those fun projects that you can’t believe you get paid to do. The Illinois Bureau of Tourism (IBOT) hired me to shoot some images for their 2008 Travel Guide. The assignment was basically myself and a bag of cameras driving all around Southern Illinois for a couple weeks taking pretty pictures. Having never seen that part of the world it proved to be a great adventure.
During my journey I played with Reindeer, hunted for Ghosts, navigated a corn maze and chased the Amish in their buggies (I swear they were using cell phones to avoid me). Along the way I met some great people and a few characters. One particularly scary looking old man didn’t like me taking photos of his mailbox. After explaining to him what I was doing he proceeded to proudly show me his prize collection of yard birds. Chickens of all colors, shapes and sizes and he told me everything you never wanted to know about each type.

Meeting folks like this is one of the things I really enjoy about my profession. You get to share in their experiences, see through different eyes if only for a moment (sometimes a moment is long enough). It has always amazed me the different paths that people take in life. I met people who had never been over the hill to the next town even though it was just 5 miles away. My favorite chuckle was from a radio commercial I heard while driving late one night. It announced to the ladies in the region that the local Western Wear store now had matching Bible covers to go with their selection of boots and of course to hurry in before they are all gone.

Viva La Difference.

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